Robbery is the theft of personal property from another person's body or immediate presence against their will, using force or fear. Fear of immediate injury to the robbed person, their property, a member of their family, or anyone in the company of the robbed person at the time of the robbery. A robbery suspect in California will face various penalties depending on whether he or she is found guilty of first or second degree robbery.

First Degree Robbery

The most serious robbery offenses are classified as first-degree robbery. Robberies of commercial vehicle drivers or passengers, robberies of inhabited dwellings, and robberies of people who are using or have just finished using an ATM are all included.

Second Degree Robbery

Second-degree robbery is designated for robberies that do not rise to the level of first-degree robberies.

Understanding Section 211 of the Penal Code

Because of the severity of robbery, California has made it a crime under Penal Code section 211. "Robbery is the felonious stealing of personal property in the hands of another, from his person or immediate presence, against his will, performed by force or terror," according to this legislation.

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