Drug Charges

Drug Charges

Drug charges are among the most regularly prosecuted crimes in Sonoma County, California, and they account for a considerable share of federal criminal proceedings. Furthermore, drug crimes can range from small possession to more significant offenses such as drug trafficking and manufacture. However, the punishments for each of these offenses vary. The majority of drug charges result in heavy penalties. They come with fines and are recorded on your criminal record, which can affect your ability to get work, obtain a loan, or purchase a home.

For any drug-related offense, it's in your best advantage to contact skilled criminal defense attorney Steve Spiegelman in Santa Rosa, CA as soon as feasible. Accept no plea bargains or speak with law enforcement personnel before contacting an attorney, regardless of the allegations. Our Santa Rosa drug lawyer fiercely defends his clients against drug charges of all kinds, from simple possession to large-scale drug trafficking, at the Law Office of Steve Spiegelman.

Attorney Steve Spiegelman, a professional Santa Rosa criminal defense attorney, uses his knowledge and extensive expertise in criminal law to vigorously defend his clients. His in-depth knowledge of both sides of the criminal justice system gives him a distinct advantage in anticipating and preparing for the prosecution's case.

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